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A double challenge for couples and employers

When one partner has the option to pursue a great job opportunity abroad, the question that will quickly arise after the initial enthusiasm is: will the other be able to continue his or her career in this new environment as well? For their book HERE WE ARE: The International Career Couple Handbook, Dr Paul Vanderbroeck and Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen interviewed 30 couples that have managed to successfully combine two careers with international mobility. And no, this is not about relation therapy!

During this DBRT Geneva lecture they will present the results of this research and discuss:

  • Reasons why the number of double careers among expats is increasing;
  • Reasons why a different approach is needed for the couples and their employers;
  • Success factors and methods to combine double careers, international mobility and living together as a family;
  • What employers can do, in light of these developments, to attract and retain international talent.

About the authors


Jannie Aasted Skov- Hansen (Danish) is a seasoned Human Resource professional, specialized in global people mobility and leadership development. She is Founder of a community and startup consultancy, aimed at supporting ICCs in their global careers.

Dr. Paul Vanderbroeck (Dutch/Swiss) has a background of managing talent in multinational organizations. He is an Executive Coach, an accomplished researcher and sought-after speaker on gender balance and leadership development.

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The lecture and the subsequent discussion is organised as a webinar and will be held in English. Participation is free of charge. You can register until 28 April 12.00h through the button on this page.

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