Terugblik Inclusive Leadership

The DBRT is super proud of its first panel discussion about inclusive leadership.

A successful cooperation with the University of St.Gallen, FIFA Museum, and the Swiss-British Chamber of Commerce resulted in an exchange of minds of 90+ leaders across industries about the urgency, reality and commitment of Diversity & Inclusion. Key takeaways: Data tells you a story and helps to identify 2-3 things that will have the biggest impact, “team fit” might sometimes be a better hire requirement than “most competent”, bridge builders are essential to accelerate inclusion, being your authentic YOU is the best recipe for success, and “aged” leaders might be vital to D&I success because of their compassion.

The DBRT applauds it’s fantastic panel and moderator, consisting of Professor Winfried Ruigrok (University of St. Gallen), Kate Hughes (Zurich Insurance), Estefania Tapias (WeSpace), Leon Pieters (Deloitte), and Honey Thaljieh (FIFA). And a special thank you for all FIFA and FIFA Museum colleagues as well as our sponsor Randstad to enabling us to turn our dream into reality.