The Grand Finale of three days of FinTech

As time often flies during moments we cherish, so did the three days of our FinTech Fact-Finding Mission in Zurich and Zug. The DBRT looks back on three incredible days which were packed with sharing ideas, visions and creating stronger networks for those with a passion for FinTech.

We started the last day of our three-day mission at Baer & Karrer, enjoying the presence of the Dutch delegation -consisting out of several innovative start-ups from the Netherlands and accompanied by Start-up Delta and their Special Envoy: Prince Constantijn van Oranje-. All start-ups pitched their businesses in only one minute to the attendees, thus bringing their idea back to the essence.

Together, we visited the engineering office of Google Switzerland in Zurich where we got to learn more about how Google and the start-up ecosystem are working together. The company also gave us an insight on how product innovation is driven for users in case of its voice assistant thanks to machine learning as well as how processes are managed within Google itself.

Next, both HQLAx and Advanon shared their lessons learned, about starting a business in the FinTech industry. The latter recognised as being one of the hottest start-ups in Europe. If you are interested in investing, if you seek strategic partners or even if you are simply a FinTech enthusiast, we would highly recommend taking the time to connect with some of these start-ups whenever you get the chance. It is only just to give you a small insight in their worlds and so here they are (in random order):

1. MyCardWallet
MyCardWallet is a start-up that offers ICards for vendors, integrating both loyalty-systems and payments. With that the company offers an extra communication channel for SME’s and a better chance to connect with their target audiences. If you would like to know more about what they could offer you, here’s their website:

2. De Groeifabriek, powered by APG
De Groepfabriek provides an open innovation ecosystem for start-ups. They conduct experiments on new business models, technologies and prototypes to help businesses with continuously improving. If you are interested in finding out more about their labs, drop by their website:

3. ComplianceWise
ComplianceWise helps financial institutions with their AML platform, offering several solutions for controlling counterparty risks, the monitoring of transactions, compliance and risk control. More information about their services can be found here:

4. Topicus
Topicus has two modes of operations, they are an ISV and build software service platforms for large financial institutions within the domains for mortgages, business landing and wealth management. At the same time, they also operate as an incubator and invite FinTech start-ups to use their software to achieve their goals. Further details can be found here:

5. CyNation
CyNation helps organisation improve their security and compliance posture by providing innovative, automated solutions and services that encompass people, processes and technology, creating an enterprise wide culture which enables organisations to become more resilient and effective against threats. Read more about their services here:

6. Innopay
Innopay is a company focused on transactions and the company has been involved in creating Ideal. They help companies develop new perspectives on value creation and co-create new services. Everything you want to know can be found on their website:

7. Frenns
Frenns is a start-up that offers an invoice financing platform dedicated to helping small companies. They focus on diminishing risks in terms of faults, fraud and disputes and are able to finance an invoice within ten seconds across Europe. If you would like to learn more about their platform, visit them via:

8. Signaturit
Signaturit is a start-up that created a way to sign legally binding documents. It is their mission to offer the most advanced technologies for closing contracts. Further details about their services and API integration can be found on their website:

9. Belleron – Capture
Belleron offers crime and terrorism solutions. Their Capture solution offers a real time executive support and response system for financial-crime and terrorism. Visit their website to find out more:

10. Quantler
Quantler created a personalised investment fund, offering the opportunity to invest commission free in stocks, ETF’s and Cryptocurrencies whilst keeping complete autonomy on the platform. Their solution is said to be on average 80% cheaper than traditional investment funds. Check out their story here: