The Next Wave of Digital Ecosystems and Platforms




Van 18:30 tot 22:00



CHF 20,- voor DBRT-leden of CHF 45,- voor niet-leden

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Digitalization has given rise to an explosion of digital ecosystems of millions interconnected users and the digital platforms that orchestrate them. The companies behind the biggest platforms have reshaped and dominated consumer-focused industries such as retail (Amazon), online advertising (Google & Facebook), travel (Booking & Airbnb) and ridesharing (Uber).

And now digital ecosystems and platforms are moving into new territories such as banking, insurance, mobility, logistics, healthcare, chemicals and heavy industry. For incumbent organizations in these sectors, this change offers both considerable challenges and opportunities.
As leader of KPMGs Platform Advisory team, Jochem Pasman will share his insights on this transformation. He draws from his own extensive experience in working with leading incumbent organizations on the good, the bad and the ugly of digital ecosystems and platforms.

Start: 18:30

Location: 25Hours Hotel Langstrasse, Langstrasse 150, 8004 Zurich